Desperate: As Rockets Hit Israel, Magen David Adom Makes Appeal For Emergency Supplies


magen-david-adomMagen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s national emergency medical response organization, is making an appeal to the international community to help support it in obtaining emergency supplies and funding amid the continued rocket fire on the Jewish state.

Since the current Israel-Gaza conflict began, MDA has treated 104 Israeli civilians, the organization said.

“MDA and Israel’s Home Front Command spend a lot of time and resources educating the public about safety and the low numbers of Israeli casualties are the fruits of our labor,” said MDA Director of International Affairs Yonatan Yagodovsky. “But MDA is still in need of significant assistance and support because don’t know how long this operation will last.”

The group said that the most critical emergency supplies it needs during the crisis are emergency medical supplies for ambulances and first-responders, supplies for its national blood center, and communications systems.


{ Israel}


  1. To: Anonymous

    Your comment to MDA was extremely sharp and any normal human being would have been very hurt from such a not nice comment.
    Food for Thought: Maybe when one Yid tries to communicate with another Yid, if we can use a language that is more soft more gentle more friendly, maybe in that merit, the Almighty will not let the arabs to hurt us. The Almighty will make sure that the arabs will not be successful at all. But we must love another Yid even if he is not Frum.


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