Details Emerge of Potential Long-Term Gaza Truce Between Israel and Hamas


A long-term truce currently being brokered between Israel and Hamas would include an end to kite terror and border riots in exchange for economic and infrastructure aid to the Gaza Strip, Israeli media outlets reported on Friday.

According to Hebrew news site Walla, both sides are considering a five-year truce proposed by Egypt and the UN through Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov.

The potential truce would come into effect in stages. First, Hamas would completely end the ongoing border riots and the flying of incendiary kites and balloons into Israeli territory. The Kerem Shalom border crossing would then be opened, allowing the transfer of essential supplies from Israel to Gaza. The supply of electricity to the Strip would also be increased.

Should the truce hold, a seaport and airport serving Gaza would be constructed on Egyptian territory in the Sinai Peninsula, as well as a power plant.

Israel’s Channel Two reported that the UN would provide $600 million for electricity and improvement of water and sewage systems.

Indicating the seriousness of the proposal, Israel allowed Hamas leader Salah al-Arouri — who is based in Turkey — to enter the Strip to discuss the issue with other Hamas officials, even though al-Arouri was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens in 2014.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly cancelled a planned visit to Columbia in order to be close to further possible developments in the truce negotiations. His cabinet will discuss the proposals at its regular Sunday meeting.

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  1. How many days will the “five year truce” hold?

    And if they don’t end the border riots and the flying of incendiary kites and balloons, will Israel wipe them off the map once and for all?

  2. How much pieces does Israel have to give for peace? Israel gives pieces for peace all the time and the truce or what ever it is called this time will be the same conclusion. For the Hamas, PA or what ever they call themselves the only peace for them is if Israel vanishes from the face of the earth, but there still will not be peace because they then will start war with themselves. The real Israel has to stand up and take care of what they have to take care of and not be the banana republic of the world, no one is going to stand up for Israel but Israel and become the sovereign nation they are suppose to be.

  3. Never. Israel will continue supplying them with concrete to build more tunnels, which they will then “discover” and “bomb”, and pretend that the citizens believe this charade. Right now it’s election tme and pikuach nefesh of Yidden is the last thing on the agenda. This is an election stunt to save BIBI.

    We need Moshiach NOW!

    • Yes, but unfortunately there are NO term limits in Israel. It’s always same old same old. Israeli Knesset members stay in their corrupt position until their dying day, end up in prison, are assassinated or have a stroke. It’s all their cheshbon to keep out Sefardim from attaining high positions in government.


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