Details Emerge of Potential Long-Term Gaza Truce Between Israel and Hamas


A long-term truce currently being brokered between Israel and Hamas would include an end to kite terror and border riots in exchange for economic and infrastructure aid to the Gaza Strip, Israeli media outlets reported on Friday.

According to Hebrew news site Walla, both sides are considering a five-year truce proposed by Egypt and the UN through Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov.

The potential truce would come into effect in stages. First, Hamas would completely end the ongoing border riots and the flying of incendiary kites and balloons into Israeli territory. The Kerem Shalom border crossing would then be opened, allowing the transfer of essential supplies from Israel to Gaza. The supply of electricity to the Strip would also be increased.

Should the truce hold, a seaport and airport serving Gaza would be constructed on Egyptian territory in the Sinai Peninsula, as well as a power plant.

Israel’s Channel Two reported that the UN would provide $600 million for electricity and improvement of water and sewage systems.

Indicating the seriousness of the proposal, Israel allowed Hamas leader Salah al-Arouri — who is based in Turkey — to enter the Strip to discuss the issue with other Hamas officials, even though al-Arouri was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens in 2014.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly cancelled a planned visit to Columbia in order to be close to further possible developments in the truce negotiations. His cabinet will discuss the proposals at its regular Sunday meeting.

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  1. More Israeli stupidity
    It never ends with these stupid mind set of the politicians, they keep repeating the same mistakes as the past. All for a little power and kovod

  2. This is pretty neat. One should not consider that there can be peace in his or her lifetime. For the man, he must become fully observant. If he fails to create a positive feeling for Jerusalem, there is any soul a manner the odd to find him at oppose with Israel.

    Israel is Ishmaels nephew. Like any uncle, an uncle wants to see right in his nephew. If Ishmael does not see the jews often in prayer and in their faith (and of course, it is Hashem who sees), then there is havoc to think that the kingdom feels upon its life in Hashem’s universe.

    The any peace is nice.


    • Do you think Hashem will allow the Arabs to stop attacking Israel if Israel continues their immoral behavior with filth parades scoffing at Hashem and His Torah, Shabbos desecrations, selling pork and acting like goyim?


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