Dick Cheney: Obama ‘Can’t Blame George Bush’ Anymore


dick-cheneyFormer Vice President Dick Cheney said President Barack Obama is to blame for most of the multiple problems America finds itself in, so he should stop trying to pin it on his predecessor.

“They can’t blame George Bush anymore,” Cheney told GOP stalwart and New York City radio host John Catsimatidis in a prerecorded interview aired Sunday on his radio show,  “The Cats Roundtable.”

“I think he’s been a failure as a president. I think the scandals, with respect to the Veterans Administration, with respect to the IRS, these are bad situations.”

“The absolute gutting of the United States military” is an even bigger problem, said Cheney, whose remarks to Catsimatidis were first reported by Business Insider.

“I just read a piece this morning in the Stars and Stripes that they’re getting ready to lay off 500 majors under the United States Army,” many of them on deployment in Afghanistan, Cheney said. “Not long ago they did the same thing with a large group of captains.”

The next president will end up paying the price for Obama’s military cuts, said Cheney, who was Secretary of Defense for President George H.W. Bush.

“They’re dramatically cutting back the defense budget, year after year after year,” Cheney said. “That’s a terrible precedent to set because it’s going to cripple us in future years. When you make decisions about the defense budget, and especially when you’re cutting back on it, you are crippling your successors as president.”

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  1. He’s been a disaster as a president and that is Bush’s fault because Bush had been a disaster then President O’ would have no one to blame altogether!
    That he has someone to blame AND WILL CONTINUE TO BLAME -namely George Bush – os to Bush’s credit!

  2. Most of the problems in the Middle East today can be directly traced to George W. Bush’s stupid invasion of Iraq and the even more stupid actions of his appointee L. Paul Bremer as the head of the occupation there. This is an attempt by Cheney to rewrite history.


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