Discrepancies Revealed Between U.S. And Iranian Versions Of Framework Deal


iran-talksA look at the versions of last week’s framework nuclear agreement published by the U.S. and Iranian governments reveals a number of key differences.

According to Iran, sanctions will be lifted immediately after a final agreement is signed. According to the U.S., sanctions will be conditionally lifted in phases.

Regarding its stockpile of enriched uranium, Iran says it will not be shipped out of the country, while the U.S. says a large part of it will be transferred to Russia. The U.S. version of the deal says restrictions on uranium enrichment will last 15 years, while the Iranian version says 10 years.

On the issue of inspections, the U.S. says Iran has agreed to regular surprise inspections of its nuclear facilities, while Iran says its consent to this is only temporary. Another difference is on the matter of advanced centrifuge development at the Fordo enrichment facility. Iran says the development of these centrifuges can continue, while the U.S. says it cannot and that the Fordo enrichment facility will be turned into a nuclear research center.





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