Docs Can’t Afford Soaring Vaccine Prices


vaccineAs if the anti-vaccine movement wasn’t bad enough, immunizations are becoming too expensive for many doctors. Over the past 20 years, the price of drugs have gone from single to triple digits-making the average cost to fully vaccinate a child rise from $100 in 1986 to $2,192 today.

The Affordable Care Act mandates full coverage of the vaccines, many of which are required for school entry. Many doctors say they are losing money on each vaccination, while manufacturers are making more money. Some doctors have taken drastic measures to immunize their patients, remortgaging homes to pay the tens of thousands of dollars it cost to buy each batch of vaccine. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. So get Hillary and Obamba to trouble-shoot and figure out a solution! The problem is that they may shoot us while at it!
    They have shot us and will continue to shoot us!

  2. And the drug companies continue to make huge profits. Drugs and medicines are just as necessary to a society as gas, electric and safe water. They are, in effect, public utilities, not true market-driven companies. Drug companies should be regulated in the same way as utility companies.

    If CEOs aren’t allowed to make idiotically large profits maybe there will be fewer “life-style” drugs (you know what kind I mean) and me-too medications that aren’t any better than existing drugs but carry a higher profit margin.

    We don’t have a health-care SYSTEM devoted to healing the sick, we have a health-care INDUSTRY devoted to making their CEOs even richer. If chas v’shalom Ebola ever makes it here, we are finished.


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