Doctors Seek To Transfer Conjoined Twins Out Of Gaza


Conjoined twins born in Gaza on Sunday need to leave the country for treatment crucial to their survival, their doctor and a family member said.

“A woman gave birth this morning to Siamese twins joined at the stomach and pelvis,” Allam Abu Hamda, head of the neonatal unit at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital, told AFP.

Abu Hamda said the girls’ complicated condition “cannot be dealt with in the Gaza Strip, so we hope they will be transferred abroad for a separation.”

Read more at Channel Asia.



  1. Why should Israel help? At least this way its only one future terrorist (maybe 2 (empty) heads but only worth one terrorist since they can’t be in 2 different places. If Israel helps them then that’s 2 more terrorists

  2. Is this one person or two? Two heads but one body. If so, only one head will survive, and let’s hope it’s the one tilted to the right…


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