Does Israel Breach Juvenile Rights?


NGO Monitor denounced a report of Human Rights Watch (HRW) entitled “Extreme Measures: Abuses against Children Detained as National Security Threats.” The report was supposed to document the abuse of minors by security forces in Afghanistan, the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Nigeria, Syria and the United States.

The inclusion of a section on “Israel/Palestine” was based on false or unverified allegations, NGO Monitor charged.

HRW claimed that, “The military courts do not provide for specialized juvenile justice, with specially trained judges, prosecutors, and attorneys.” Yet Israel established a special Juvenile Military Court in 2009. According to the Israeli Ministry of Justice, only “judges that have received relevant professional training, similar to the training offered to justices of the Youth Courts in Israel, are qualified to serve as juvenile judges.”
NGO Monitor noted that HRW bias has been systematically documented by a number of sources.

Many Palestinian minors held by Israeli security were involved in attacks against civilian vehicles which sometimes led to fatalities and some were even arrested for stabbings.

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  1. What a bunch of baloney. Children and youth are arrested, without warrant, without charges, without trial, without access to a lawyer, without being able to see parents, regardless of their age, beaten, abused, and oftentimes tortured. There are no human rights for religious Jewish children and youth in Israel. To say otherwise is a flat-out lie! Read the reports, investigate and then form an opinion. This international body, which we hate to rely upon, is absolutely correct in its assessment of the situation here. In Israel, a young religious child or youth can be arrested for his or her thoughts.


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