Does the Name “Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald” Ring a Bell to You? How About “Camp Sternberg”?


If you’ve just perked up – and chances are that you have – participating in the upcoming triathlon to benefit the Camp Sternberg Scholarship Fund will be an easy sell to you.

Rabbi Greenwald z”l was the driving force behind Camp Sternberg. He made summer camp accessible to Jewish girls regardless of finances, and many women today attribute their success and well-being to the growth and confidence they experienced during those years. Today, Camp Sternberg is still alive and well, still affording summers of fun and growth to tens of girls to whom summer camp might otherwise be an impossible dream. Rabbi Greenwald z”l fundraised tirelessly for years to raise money for children in difficult family and financial situations, now we are trying to continue this vital mission.

Ronnie Greenwald 1Next Wednesday, July 20, 2016, the Hike2Help Triathlon will take place in Narrowsberg, NY. The event, all proceeds of which will go directly to The Camp Sternberg Scholarship Fund, will include biking five miles from Camp Sternberg to Indian Cliffs, then hiking down Indian Cliffs, and canoeing down the Delaware. 62 women of all ages participating. There are only 3 more spots available.

Not feeling particularly adventurous? Your donation or sponsorship will allow Rabbi Greenwald’s legacy to continue. For more information regarding the triathlon and/or to sign up or sponsor a hiker, please visit

From the money already raised through this initiative, there are a few scholarship funds available to eligible applicants (Camp Sternberg, trip 2 only). For more information regarding applicant eligibility, please email ‎




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