Donald Trump: London Incident Proof That ‘Travel Ban’ Is Necessary


President Donald Trump used a trio of incidents in central London to justify his executive order banning travel from six majority-Muslim nations today, reports the Daily Beast, tweeting that “the travel ban as an extra level of safety” is being held up by U.S. appellate courts.

Another tweet, sent seven minutes later, vowed that “whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the U. K., we will be there – WE ARE WITH YOU. GOD BLESS!” Before the tweets, the president had retweeted an unconfirmed Drudge Report post alleging that a van had “mow[ed] down 20 people” on London Bridge.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a nationwide injunction against Trump’s travel ban on May 25, saying the executive order “drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.” On Friday, the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to reinstate the ban.



  1. What an enormous idiot. I’m sure all the people in London felt much comfort in this act of terrorism being used to push trump’s personal agenda. IDIOT


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