Donald Trump Taking ‘Serious Look’ at 2016 Presidential Run


trumpIn the wake of Tuesday’s sweeping Republican electoral victories, businessman Donald Trump told Newsmax TV on Wednesday that he will take a “very serious look” at whether to run for president in 2016.

“I’m looking,” Trump, who made appearances on the Republican presidential primary trail in 2012 but never joined the race, told “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner.

“I mean, I am going to look and I’m going to study and I’m going to see who’s running and I’m going to see what’s going to happen on the other side,” said Trump.

“The country is doing horribly,” he said. “We’re being scoffed at from all over, from every angle, and you look at what’s going on militarily and every other way. So, I’m going to take a very serious look and then I’ll see what happens.”

With characteristic bravado, Trump assured Berliner that whatever happens, “it’s going to be interesting” and “you’ll be watching.”

Read more at NEWSMAX.

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  1. This dufuss says the same thing over & over again by every single election. He is a failed businessman & will NEVER get any nomination from ANY Party. I can’t understand what Matzav’s obsession with Trump is. Enough already.

  2. he may take a serious look, but he wont get any serious votes- he is a businessman, but thats it not a political genius ( he voted for obama in 08)

  3. Hope he runs as a Democrat; that way the Republicans win!
    Almost every enterprise he gets involved in at some time declares bankruptcy. (That’s how he makes his money. He borrows millions, declares bankruptcy, doesn’t pay back, keeps the money.)

    If he becomes president, the USA will go bankrupt.


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