Donald Trump Willing To Fund White House Tours


trumpDonald Trump said Monday that he’d be willing to foot the bill for the White House tours that President Barack Obama’s administration nixed because of sequestration budget cuts.

Last week, Newt Gingrich recommended that Trump fund the tours.

“I think it’s so nice of Newt to suggest that, I don’t know anything about it… . I like Newt a lot,” Trump said Monday on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends. “I didn’t hear this, but it sounds reasonable to me. Why not?”

Trump said that he thinks the tours were canceled to prove a political point.

“I guess it’s political. They want to hurt the people … If you look at what’s going on, I guess they’re trying to make a political point. It’s just really ridiculous. I don’t think it’s a big deal, frankly. But it does make us look awfully bad and awfully pathetic,” Trump said.

Last week, Obama administration officials announced that they were canceling White House tours to deal with sequestration, the $1.2 trillion automatic cuts in federal spending over a decade that took effect March 1.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Maybe Obama should downsize his entourage a little flying over to Israel- that should save a pretty penny. For what does he need to take out 233 rooms? exactly for who? If that isn’t a waste of taxpayer money then what is?


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