Donated Sefer Torah Disappears from Knesset


sefer torah knessetA Sefer Torah donated to the Knesset has disappeared just one day after the event, Arutz Sheva reported today.

Arutz Sheva conducted an independent investigation based on what may be a double standard about accepting gifts.

The dedication ceremony for the Sefer Torah, which was donated to the Knesset official shul, was held last night. The Sefer Torah was written in memory of hundreds of thousands of IDF soldiers and Jews who risked their lives in the war against the Nazis and collaborators.

But when one Arutz Sheva reporter visited the shul this morning for savening, the Sefer Torah had disappeared.

After checking with the Attorney General’s Office (AGO), advisor Eyal Yinon told Arutz Sheva that the Knesset banned the Sefer Torah from being brought into the official shul as a gift on the grounds of an official Knesset policy against accepting contributions.

This is despite the fact that dozens of paintings and other artworks in the Knesset have been donated by various officials, countries, and organizations.

{ Israel}



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