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tomche shabbos of rocklandFor the past 25 years, Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County has left boxes of Shabbos food at the doorsteps ofimpoverished families late each Thursday night. Additionally, Tomche Shabbos assists unemployed individuals with free adult education courses and job placements.

The number of families that need Tomche Shabbos’ assistance has grown to unprecedented proportions. Your help is needed!

Today, June 2, 2015, for 24 hours only, every dollar you donate will turn into four! Three generous individuals have committed to matching every donation, dollar for dollar, so that every $1 you give will mean $4 of assistance to struggling families!

Power charge your donation! Today only!

To power charge your donation and receive a tax deductible receipt, CLICK HERE.

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  1. It’s not just Tomchei. There are 15 other organizations at that need help. Most importantly, if they don’t reach their goals, TOMCHEI receives NOTHING, because if one charity doesn’t reach their goal, EVERYONE loses. So please donate to the struggling organizations generously. There’s only about 13 hours left to donate.

  2. We need to give the others that have not reached their goals so theirs r reached. If not no one getting anything as it says of bottom of page

  3. We have to support the other organizations who didn’t reach their goals so those who met their goals will get.


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