Don’t Forget Them


hadassah-hospitalDear Matzav readers,

Understandably, the major focus of the Har Nof tragedy was on those whose lives were immediately lost to us. Nevertheless, we cannot lose sight of the fact that there are families whose entire future is still very much hanging in the balance. Both Eitan ben Sarah and Chaim Yechiel ben Malkah are still in the ICU of Hadasa Ein Karem hospital (I just got off the phone with the Gabbai of Rav Rubin’s Shul who confirmed this). Their suffering, along with all those that were wounded, and that of their families, ought to be understood by us as just as much on behalf of all of Klal Yisrael as those whose lives were immediately taken.

As such, we really ought to be davening for them with our all. Yes, it is hard to do this. It is uncomfortable to live with pain, and we prefer to forget and move on. But what an incredible tragedy that would be.

The almanos of the four kedoshim implored us to increase our sense of achdus. Well, perhaps the extent to which we do, or c”v do not, daven for those that are still in such a precarious situation, is the litmus test of whether or not we are rallying to that call.

If people in your Shul or minyan do not know this information, step forward (with the permission of the Gabbai) and announce this information right before saying a perek of Tehillim. It is much easier for people to put their heart into their davening when they know specifically what they are davening for.

May Chaim Yechiel ben Malka and Eitan ben Sarah have a refuah shleimah b’karov b’soch sh’ar cholei Yisrael.

Y. B.



  1. Every night after krias shma, my children recite after me the names of the injured. The list is posted on the fridge as well.


    Tell me what do you/we do when you/we hear that 8 were killed & scores were injured in Israel? Nothing we put our heads down for a second & say to ourselves Hashem bring the ????? & then we forget about it & go one with our lives. If any of us do care we only think about the dead, & we think injured means the beginning of an arrow went into his hand & the doctor must pull it out & he’s just bleeding a little, but you know something, injured is also 98% dead for life. We don’t care & do not know what it means to care for our brothers in Israel. over 2000 have passed away how many more is Hashem going to have to kill until we all know what it means to care for our brothers in Israel?. what about the sin of ?? ???? ?? ?? ??? Don’t stand idly by as your brother is getting killed, the problem is WE DO. Anyone (of us) that has the power to do something & doesn’t is doing this sin you don’t need to be standing near the body. Maybe send some money to Israel, say a ??? in ?????.

    May we all do teshuva very soon

  3. #7-yes,they added the name Chaim to Eitan Ben Sara. I received an E-mail about it. It said that he’s still fighting for his life. Please be mispallel for him.

    The names of the other wounded from the massacre are:
    Chaim Yechiel Ben Malka
    Shmuel Yerucham Ben Baila
    Yitzchak Ben Chaya
    Moshe Yonatan ben Yikara – he was injured in a different terrorist attack.

    B’suros Tovos to everyone.


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