Dozens Injured As Muslims And Druze Clash Violently In Northern Israel


druze-israeli-border-police-superintendent-jadan-assadClashes between Druze and Muslim Arabs in the northern Israeli village of Abu Snan on Friday night left 44 people wounded. Residents of the mixed village threw stones, attempted vehicular attacks, threw fragmentation grenades, and used knives and guns during the riot.

For those living in the village, the eruption of violence did not come as a surprise. Druze-Muslim tensions recently began to flare when Druze Israeli Border Police Superintendent Jadan Assad was killed in a Palestinian vehicular terror attack in Jerusalem.

Abu Snan’s Muslim community had celebrated the Jerusalem attack, angering the smaller Druze community that was mourning Assad’s loss. Some of the Muslims in the village waived Palestinian Authority flags and called the Druze people “traitors” in online forums.

Rassam, a Muslim resident of Abu Snan, told Israel Hayom after Friday night’s clashes, “That’s it, coexistence in Abu Snan is over.”


{ Newscenter}


  1. No , no three state solution is needed. Just one state solution . The STATE OF SHULCHAN ARUKH.

    Why is NO ONE supporting Harav Yosef and Harav Lau in their struggle to maintain the GERUS standards in Israel.

    When the HAMAVDIL bein YISRAEL La’amin is not kept the enemies of Klal Yisrael begin to attack.

    Take a look from the 1970’s on when the major increases of terror spike. Always when the GIYUR KEHALACHA is played with the politics including by some regional RABBIS in Israel and in America who should and do know better but do not care as it is a matter of MI BEROSH to the hurt of Klal Yisrael


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