Dozens Stand To Lose Jobs As Bikur Cholim Hospital Closes


bikur-cholim-hospitalThe Israeli Health Ministry officially announced yesterday that Yerushalayim’s Bikur Cholim Hospital will be closed and merged with the Shaare Tzedek Medical Center, a step which will reportedly see 200 doctors, nurses and administrators laid off.

According to the agreement signed between the State and Shaare Tzedek, all of Bikur Cholim’s 560 employees will be fired and only 360 will be rehired. Meanwhile, Israel’s Medical Association promised to do everything in its power to find employment for those who will lose their jobs.

Bikur Cholim workers union chairman Dr. Effi Halperin said, “Out of 140 doctors only 66 will go on to Shaare Tzedek, if they wish. The rest, myself included, are not included in the agreement and will therefore have to look for jobs.”

Bikur Cholim has suffered considerable losses in the past few years prompting a court to dismantle the foundation that established it. Two months ago, its employees launched a strike after they did not receive their September paychecks.

They went back to work after receiving their wages, but since then did not receive 50% of their October and December wages and the fees for November.

Medical Association Chairman Dr. Leonid Eidelman said, “As part of negotiations, the Medical Association demanded a solution for all interns. We shall make sure that those who are not hired by Shaare Zedek will be employed by other hospitals.

“The agreement with Shaare Zedek allowed us to provide job security for the majority of doctors while maintaining the rights of the doctors in Shaare Zedek.”

Shaare Zedek director Prof. Yonatan Halevy promised earlier, “The residents of Jerusalem will receive comprehensive care by a strong hospital providing a variety of services.”

Noam Dvir – YNET

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  1. “Dozens Stand To Lose Jobs As Bikur Cholim Hospital Closes”

    The Headline should more appropriately read:
    “Hundreds Stand To Lose Jobs…”

    as the article states:
    “a step which will reportedly see 200 doctors, nurses and administrators laid off”.

    Dozens” sounds a bit benign, while “Hundreds” underscores the tragedy of hundreds of bread winners who are now unemployed, having a ripple effect on hundreds more immediate family members who depend on them.


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