Dramatic Improvment in Wounded Bochur’s Condition


levi-yitzchak-rosenblattCrown Heights, Brooklyn – Levi Rosenblat, the 22-year-old bochur who was stabbed and critically injured early Tuesday morning in 770 Eastern Parkway, has awakened, is conscious and alert and spoke with his parents late last night.

“Late last night Levi has woken up from the sedation he was put under, he is conscious and alert and is recalled details that have occurred up until the incident,” a source told CrownHeights.info from Bellevue Hospital, where Rosenblat is currently being treated.

He was sedated in Kings County Hospital when doctors discovered internal bleeding and a fracture in his skull that was causing pressure on his brain. The source of the bleeding was a vascular laceration, and the procedure to repair this wound Kings County does not specialize in.

Rosenblat was transported by ambulance and NYPD escort to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan where the procedure was successfully completed Tuesday afternoon. All that was left for doctors is to wait for Rosenbalt to wake up, which he boruch hashem did late last night.

“He appears to be doing well, but he is not out of the wood yet. We still don’t know if there is any long term damage” the source added, saying that people are asked to continue saying Tehillim for Levi Yitzchok ben Raizel‘s complete and speedy recovery.

Crown Heights.Info

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Yidden in 770, when they first saw the obviously inappropriate stranger loitering there, should have alerted Shomrim . The possibility of a problem was right there! Does anyone know what the response was at the first sighting of the loiterer?


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