Driverless Cars Keep Crashing



Nearly 10 percent of driverless cars on the roads of California have already gotten into accidents, according to the Associated Press. Out of almost 50 vehicles, two were involved in accidents while the automated driving feature was on, and two more while a human driver was in control, based on an accident report.

But Google and Delphi said the incidents were not the fault of their cars, and a source familiar with the accident report told the AP that the driverless incidents occurred at speeds of less than 10 mph. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. The self driving features in these cars are statically safer than human drivers. This is a misleading headline based on a poorly reported study.

  2. driving your motor vehicle on a public road WHILE TEXTING is actually driving a driverless car.

    save yourself before you get into a MVA C”V. don’t make yourself learn it the hard way in order for you to know what it feels like & what happens when you text & drive C”V

    go visit a hospital & visit people who hurt themselves from texting and driving, so you can see the results & prevent it from happening to you C”V.

    THOUSANDS of accidents happen every year from texting & driving R”L



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