Drop In Parking, Traffic Tickets Around The 5 Boroughs Could Be Costing The City Big


ticketsNYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton will meet with the heads of the police unions on Wednesday, and there are few doubts that the dramatic drop in parking and traffic tickets will be discussed.

It could be costing the city $1 million a week.

As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported, the streets of Staten Island have been a bit friendlier to speeders and parking scofflaws these days.

“I’ve noticed the slowdown, and I’ve read about it,” Paul Santos said.

Last week, the NYPD wrote a measly nine parking tickets in all of Staten Island, versus 463 in the same week a year earlier.

Cops ticketed two cars for moving violations versus 645 the prior year.

“It’s really bad. You should be worried about the speeding and the parking I guess. It does make revenue for the city,” Adele McCombs said.

Last week’s 93 percent drop in parking tickets will cost the city almost $1 million in ticket revenue, by a rough estimate.

In the Midtown North precinct, the NYPD didn’t write a single parking ticket last week, much to the delight of one refrigeration maintenance technician.

“I actually carry a worker with me to avoid tickets, and he’s been able to come up on calls with me, bring me up parts, come back down and no tickets. Normally they would nail you with a double-parking ticket right away,” Armando Ruiz said.

In the face of all that evidence, the police unions and the union representing the traffic enforcement agents all insist there is no organized slowdown.

NYPD brass is analyzing the situation and promising to take appropriate action against officers not doing the work expected of them.

Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

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  1. Well, well. Maybe the mayor can stop asking the cops to alienate the hard-working members of our city through these tickets, in order to pay for “protesters”/rioters destroying our city? Either you support the cops, or expect the cops to find their support elsewhere!

  2. Well I got an expired meter ticket today, 7 minutes past the time, on 13 Ave, so they were definitely out in Boro Park. I saw three metermaids on Coney Island and Ave M. They probably just target certain areas….

  3. Thank you Mr. Mayor de Blasio for allowing the NYPD to giving relief to our citizenry in that the NYPD must give their full attention to Al Sharpton protests and NYPD Officer Funerals. How about gettig the Sanitation Department to do likewise.


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