Early Chodosh Starting Date Update from the Guide to Chodosh


From R’¬†Yoseph Herman of The Guide to Chodosh:

As of the latest US Dep’t of Agriculture reports, issued on Jul 23 ’18, we can report:

1) The harvest of the new, Chodosh spring wheat and barley has not yet begun. We estimate that the earliest Chodosh PACKING date for these 2 crops may be the 1st week of August.

2) The Chodosh oats harvest is starting. Our chumra PACKING date for oats products is Jul 26 ’18. We don’t expect any Chodosh oats products to reach the store shelves until about Aug 9. However, note that mashgichim reported in past years that brands such as Quaker and Cheerios became Chodosh later than our earliest chumra date.We do not expect the mashgichim to have any updates for this year until at least mid August.



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