Education Ministry Finances Yerushalayim Tours For Arab Children But Not For Chareidim


Directors of chadorim affiliated with the Education Ministry’s Chareidi Department complained that this year, a program of the ministry called “Go Up to Yerushalayim” is financing tours to Yerushalayim for secular, religious Zionist and even Arab children from central Israel, but not for chareidi children. The director of a Bnei Brak cheder phoned the ministry to find out why his cheder was cut off from the program.

“I called and introduced myself as [director of] a school in Bnei Brak,” he told Bechadrei Chareidim. “I said that we had done this [program] in previous years. Towards the end of the conversation I was asked whether a chareidi school of the ministry’s Chareidi Department was involved. When I responded affirmatively, I was told that I could not take the classes in question due to budgetary concerns.

“When I asked whether this applied to all Israeli pupils, I was told that that this was not the case and that furthermore, children of the Arab sector were eligible for what the Chareidi Department is not eligible.”

David Steger – Israel


  1. I’m fed up with Haredim being third class citizens in this country! better to be an Arab as far as jobs, government funding,etc.


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