Egged Compensates Passenger for Lost Tefillin


tefillinWe were always taught to never check in our tefillin in our luggage when flying, but to take them in our carry-on luggage. Now, it seems, this lesson must be taught regarding traveling by bus as well. Not just by airplane.

According to a report, a resident of Ashdod put his tefillin with his bags in the undercarriage of a bus. He got off the bus and realized his bag was missing. He convinced the driver to go to the various stops to look for it, but they could not find it.

The man wrote a letter to Egged and they said that the bags in the under-carriage are the passengers’ responsibility and something so valuable like tefillin should always be kept by the passenger and never placed below.

After getting a lawyer and sending letters to Egged showing that legally Egged is responsible for all bags in the under-carriage just like they are responsible for the passengers themselves, Egged decided to compensate the fellow for his loss. He was given 6400 shekel.

{Yair Israel/Life in Israel}



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