Egged to Provide Free Internet on Buses


egged-busEgged bus company is experimenting with WiFi internet infrastructure in an attempt to provide the service on all buses traveling between two cities or more.

Twenty buses belonging to lines between Yerushalaim and Tel Aviv, the Galil, and the Golan Heights have already been equipped with the system, at a price of around $25,000.

Egged’s passengers will be able to surf the internet for free, allowing anyone with a laptop computer or a cellular phone with WiFi connection to check up on news, study, or work.

“The passengers will also be able to receive updated information on the rest of their journey or their destination, make reservations or receive other services at the location,” says Eyal Yechiel, who heads Egged’s advertising department.

The bus company plans to follow up on the use its customers make of the service and their level of satisfaction in order to plan for its installment in additional bus lines.

Egged currently plans to install the system in all 1,500 of its inter-city buses over the next few years, racking up costs of almost $2 million.

It is the second bus company in Israel to install free internet in its vehicles, the first being Metropolin, which already provides the service in dozens of its buses in the Sharon region and the south.

{Ynet/ Israel}



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