Eichler: Knesset Members Should Ride Busses to See Widespread Problems


yisroel eichlerCome on and ride the bus. That’s the message of UTJ MK Yisroel Eichler, who said that Knesset members should ride public transportation on a regular basis so that they can get a firsthand look at the many flaws in the public transport system in the northern region of Israel, including a shortage of buses.

“Public transport is a matter that touches almost every citizen,” said Eichler. “There is a lack of coordination [in the system] and the transport companies are forced to send a bus at a certain time when there are no passengers, but at different times many of passengers wait and there is no bus.”

One of the major problematic spots is Meron. Tzefas is also the subject of many complaints.

“We hear the anguish of the public,” said Eichler. “Perhaps, every Knesset members should be required to take the bus once in a while to feel passengers’ suffering.”

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. You must change the design on this website. It was a terrible change. Very whimpy colors font very not bold. Although it loads faster the new website is so unattractive. I liked matzav and that’s why I’m being blunt and honest. Change it fast.

  2. i agree with number 1

    change back your website to the way it used to be. it was its own unique design that no other news website had and everyone loved it. what is the pro of this new design? are there any?

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with the first 2 commenters. If Matzav truly cared, they would ask their viewership how they like/dislike the changes. Don’t become arrogant like Obama and not give a kishke what the average reader thinks.

  4. You mean Meron on Lag BeOmer!!?? Of coarse there are not enough buses available and the place falls apart!

    People show up, arrive spread apart, and then many want to leave at the same time! It doesn’t work like that, just simply cant.

    The rest of the country still needs buses and drivers. One biggie is they cant get enough drivers really. As it is companies call up old drivers who haven’t been driving for years to come take a bus.

    I have been up there when every bus and mini-bus in the company I drive for is up there. You know we have other contracts and other people to drive starting the next morning, and some drivers simply don’t want to go to the hassle of Meron. Some want to be rested as usual for the work we do every day.


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