Eini Eini Yordah Mayim


rav-moshe-twerski-levayaBy Chaim Ozer Moszkowski

Klal Yisroel is aching
We all feel the pain
The world has been stabbed in the heart
Yerushalayim is bleeding

4 אלמנות and 24 יתומים on one road
Our enemies have struck again – זדים העליצוני עד מאד
It is so difficult for us to hear or to comprehend
A נחמה to the choshuve families may הקב”ה send

ה’ has come down ללקוט בשושנים
He took his best מעוטף בטלית ותפילין
The purest קרבנות have been עולה לרצון
Void of all blemish and flaw
Please Hashem let there be no more

The holiest place has been defiled
By a couple of פרא אדם running wild
אם יהרג צדיק וכהן במקדש אלוקים
A כפרה for all of Klal Yisroel’s פושעים

Taken in the midst of Tefillah
To a place even closer to the Shechinah
How can we understand what has transpired?
Some say it’s because Arab’s were hired

Let us not ignore our Gedolim’s voice
Reminding us that מאת ה’ היתה זאת
נסתרים דרכי ה’ – His ways are sometimes so hidden
How do we understand people dying just because they are Yidden?

We have Emunah and truly believe
Whatever He does it is only for our good
Even though in this world it is not understood

מאויבי תחכמני – from my enemies I have become wiser
We must become bigger and better
Strengthening our Tefillah is a good place to start
שפכי כמים לבך let it come from the heart

Please Hashem we beg מעומק הלב
Show us your love and your children do save
Let this be the last the קרבן של בין הערבים
We can’t anymore עיני עיני ירדו מים
We believe and do not question
May we soon see the ultimate redemption אמן

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