El Al Slammed For New High Heels Rule For Flight Attendants


el alThe president of the women’s organization Na’amat slammed Israel’s national airline El Al on Sunday after the company released a directive requiring its female flight attendants to wear high heeled shoes on the job, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Dozens of El Al female flight attendants signed a petition in recent days against the airline’s decision requiring them to wear high-heeled shoes until takeoff. P

Prior to the airline’s new directive, a female flight attendant was only required to wear high heeled shoes up until when she boarded the aircraft.¬†Once on board the flight attendants commonly change into more comfortable flat footwear.

Na’amat’s President Galia Wolloch wrote a letter to El Al CEO David Maimon on Sunday in which she called on him to cancel the heels requirement.

The Post reports that Zionist Union MK Shelly Yachimovich expressed her outrage over the heels rule and similarly called on male El Al executives to wear heels.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. A deal was reached! The pilots will wear high heel shoes, which guarantees the plane reaching its destination before expected arrival time!

  2. The only purpose of high heels is to increase the incomes of podiatrists. This is insanity! Flight attendants are responsible for the safety of passengers on aircraft and can’t be hobbling around in shoes that don’t work when it is necessary to evacuate an aircraft!!! Yachimovich is correct, the men who made this stupid decision should be required to wear nothing but high heels until this is reversed.


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