Elad Rov Blasts Selection Committees


Rav Naftoli Glantz, rov of Elad’s Kehillas Chassidim congregation, roused a storm by denouncing selection committees in a recent drosha.

“Let’s speak of something… which I categorize as real murder and bloodshed, yet which no one opens his mouth to complain of,” he said.

“I am referring to the various committees which have sprung up like mushrooms after a storm,” he continued. “They began by selecting with whom one could live in a building… Afterwards, the process was applied more vigorously in girls’ high schools, from there it spread to talmudei Torah and now it is exists in kindergartens.

“A group of faithful servants of Hashem sit in an air-conditioned office with refreshments on the table, no one knows their identity, and they discuss matters of absolute life and death, who will live and who will die.”

Arguing that dropout rates have increased since the procedure was adopted, Rav Glantz concluded that it was time “to learn to tolerate those a little different from us and who perhaps don’t think or look exactly as we do.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. i read the original article in hamodiah. i thought the problem was limited to EY. how sad. we are supposed to be k’ish echad, k’lev echad. why are we surprised/angered when jackson doesnt want an eruv when so many of our children are not wanted in schools?


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