Rav Genuth of Elad Says Dybbuk Claim is Fraudulent, Condemns Rabbonim Working to Remove It


elad dybbukRav Shmuel Boruch Genuth of Elad has issued strong statements of condemnation regarding the attempts to remove a dybbuk from a woman who resides in Cholon, as first reported here on Matzav.com.

As reported here, the woman traveled to Elad for a tefillah ceremony to have the dybbuk removed from her. The woman and her husband met with a rov in Elad in order to remove the dybbuk with tefillos and incantations. At the Yabia Omer shul in Elad, there was a special tefillah gathering, with the blowing of shofar.

Rav Genuth isn’t buying the claim that the woman has been possessed by a dybbuk.

“It appears that this woman has a dual personality or some other psychiatric problem that has caused her to speak with a man’s voice,” Rav Genuth wrote in a letter to rabbonim who had worked to remove the dybbuk.

The letter goes on to state that the woman was asked by Rav Yinon Malachi, a mekubal and talmid chochom, various questions. Her answers were not satisfactory. She was asked if there were dangerous angels on her left or right, and she said that they are on her left.

“The Arizal says that the malachim are on a person’s right, not their left,” wrote Rav Genuth.

Furthermore, she was questioned about the number of judges in the Heavenly Court, fourteen or eighteen, and she said there are eighteen, which is incorrect.

She was also asked other questions, including some related to her family, and her answers were fabricated.

The man whose spirit has possessed her, the woman claims, is someone named Aharon Ben Masudah, but Rav Malachi said that this is a generic name and there is thus no proof of authenticity.

Rav Genuth then strongly criticized those who “immerse themselves in Kabbolah” without knowing what they are talking about. “They do not know their right from their left when it comes to Torah and halachah.

He concluded by stating that the woman should receive proper medical and psychiatric attention.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. We dont have the Ben Ish Hai nor Yehuda Fataya without these giants we cant tell what real or fake regarding debuks

  2. Let this be another chapter in the exciting and stage-free version of “As the Caring Hand Spurns”.

    Cork boards have more dynamite!


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