Elor Azariya’s Father Files Complaint Against Police


The father of former IDF infantry soldier Elor Azariya filed a complaint with the Police Internal Investigations Unit (Mahash) on Monday, after the rejection of his son Elor’s weapon permit application was leaked to the media even before Elor himself had received a response, 0404 reported.

After his release from prison in May, Elor submitted an application for a weapons license, having received several death threats. Last week, the media reported that Azariya’s request would be denied, publishing the news hours before police officially rejected the application on the claims that Azariya’s past actions and conviction proved that he posed a threat to the public, and denying that his life was in danger.

Charlie Azariya expressed outrage that the decision to reject Elor’s application had been leaked to the media even before Elor had received an official response, and vowed to take action.

“I do not intend to give in,” he told 0404. “Police leak to the media before the applicant receives a response. This is very bad, and only proves the conscious efforts to harm us. How can it be that a policeman leaks from the system to the media? I demand that justice be carried out in this matter.”

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  1. Yes, they sicked the Shin Daled on him already. They want something bad to happen to him. Sick sick country. They don’t even value a soldier who already put HIS life on the line to defend miscreants like Netanyahu & Lieberman! Pheh! Who would join such a corrupt army?! I would never make an aliyah or live there. Only an idiot moves to Israel. At least not till moshiach comes.


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