Embarrassing: 170 Cities Hit by Ferguson Protests


ferguson-protestsThousands of Americans across the nation, from New York to Los Angeles, have taken to the streets to protest a Ferguson grand jury’s decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson for any crime in the killing of Michael Brown.

A day after St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch announced there would be no criminal charges against Wilson for the fatal shooting, protests erupted in more than 170 U.S. cities. In city after city, people thronged the streets chanting slogans and demanding change and justice.

In New York City, multiple protests developed: Demonstrators marched on Times Square, Union Square, and other sites, saying they wanted to “take back the streets.”

In Ferguson itself, 2,200 National Guard troops were deployed to protect and back up police trying to cope with increasingly hostile protesters, and authorities reported at least 44 arrests. Read more at CNN.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Thank you Mr President for DIVIDING this once UNITED States of America between Black and White. You will go down in history as the President who SEGREGATED the nicest communities in the UNITED States of America

  2. Guess what people? it all starts from the top. If our pres. Obama, Hussein can say “we are going to get to the bottom of this”, then there you go. It all filters downward. From the “highest” of the low to lowest of the low.

  3. listen Matzav I’m embarrassed by your one sided approach to this difficult issue. A human life is important and people have a right to protest peacefully about whatever they chose! On a personal level I have seen that some police officers seek asylum to regulations that exonerate them by loop poles and excuses. A 12 years old boy was also killed this week having a toy gun….little effort was made to save the child because they had an excuse to shoot him. This is happening too many times. Additionally extra care should me shown as Jews because we do not need confrontation with the Black community.

  4. Commenter No1 You speak as is this things Never happened before. Remember the Los Angeles riots? no Obama to blame it was a republican President. I find it quite immature to blame President Obama for Just about anything.

  5. It isn’t just embarrassing – it’s dangerous. Read the foreign press – they’re all saying, “Now look – who is the US to go around criticizing other people’s human rights records?” Not important? It wrecks our credibility in international affairs. So? It damages the US’s ability to support Israel when accusations of racism and discrimination are made, and that can hurt in the long – and short – run.

    In Ohio a rookie officer shot a twelve-year-old boy who had a toy gun. No questions about it because it was recorded on CCTV. Why? People are asking questions, and not just here.

    And nobody had better kid themselves – this country was divided along racial lines before I was born (and that wasn’t yesterday). When I was a child in the ’50s blacks in the South who tried to register to vote were murdered. I grew up in a _Northern_ community where black people were not allowed to buy or rent homes, and my high school was just as segregated as if I lived in Mississippi. Segregation was real, enforced with the gun and the lynching rope in some places, and in many forms it’s still with us.

    Remember that the seventh mitzvah of Bnei Noach is to establish a justice system – a system for all, protecting the innocent as well as punishing the guilty. The US is oiver on that mitzvah, and we can’t complain if the punishment arrives.

  6. #3, you profess you are a rabbi. Your comment above doesn’t make sense on several accounts:

    1. The officer feared for his life. He’s required to use any means, lethal ones as well to defend himself.
    2. When someone points a gun at you, whether 12-yr old, or 120-yr. old, you can only assume what you see: a gun pointing at you, ready to fire. Blame the 12-yr. old’s parents for buying him a toy that looks like a real gun.
    3. Why do you bring Jews into this affair? You do the same as some Palestinians who saw this as an opportunity to trash Jews. Until you and these Palestinians said anything about Jews, everyone saw this as a fight between blacks and whites.

  7. commenter No9 being a Rabbi does not guarantee that I have to agree with you!
    Neither you or me were there to know what really happened.
    My comments are directed towards Matzav calling “Emabarrasing” the fact that people across the country protested. That right is a very constitutional one.

    1)Personally I do not want to see a police shooting unarmed people so it better be a good reason to shoot.
    Having said that… we have to believe the police officer that he felt fear for his life, naturally I expect to see that logic for the justification but not all people agree on that so…hence the protest!

    2) 2 seconds?…to run all the way to the person with a gun and shoot is in my opinion irresponsible.
    I think that instead of that bull shoot, care should have been taken to see the logistic of the situation, meaning that the oficers should have aproached with more caution while protecting themselves from possible fire. I.m happy to say that Israelis are far more sophisticated about this and their training is superb!

    3) Think a bit harder! if we are presenting theses cases one sided and call the protesters an embarrassment Matzav being a web news media representing Jews…do you think the black community will be happy about it? We have to be carefull not to look insensitive to a tragic issue just because you are right wing republican. There are other issues that are more important that plain politics such as our image to the world!


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