Emergency Relief Asifos Being Held for Mesivta of Long Beach


long-beach-hurricane-sandyWe’ve all heard much about the terrible damage sustained by communities during the recent hurricane. Perhaps one of the hardest hit, yet least publicized communities, was the Yeshiva community of Long Beach, New York. Located in the few blocks that separate the ocean and the bay, the community took the full brunt of the storm, quickly finding itself under several feet of water. As the water receded, Long Beach was left looking much like a war zone, with extreme damage to its entire infrastructure.

Aside from the hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to a number of the Yeshiva buildings, the Yeshiva was forced to temporarily relocate to upstate New York, no less than eleven Hanhala members have sustained devastating, unrecoverable losses to their homes, their personal property, and belongings. Many of these homes were deluged by over six feet of salty ocean water, leaving them in uninhabitable condition, with tremendous damage to each, totaling over a half of a million dollars.

Presently, due to the severe condition of their homes, the families have been forced to uproot and relocate to surrounding communities (as to be in close proximity to their children’s schools and their places of employment), with theHanhala members themselves commuting to the Yeshiva’s temporary location in the Catskills. In addition, as you can well imagine, being charged with ensuring the Yeshiva’s future and its over-all continued success, while at the same time attempting to get their own houses rebuilt and their lives back in order, is no easy feat.

Feeling their plight, and wishing in some way to show gratitude to those who have given so much, a number of concerned alumni have undertaken an emergency campaign to help ease their predicament.

There will be Events in the following locations:

There will be an Emergency Relief Asifa this Motzei Shabbos, December 1, 2012, in Lakewood, NJ, at the Yeshiva Ketana Hall, at 8:15 P.M. The event will be graced with the presence of the Rosh HaYeshiva, Hagaon Harav Yitzchok Feigelstock, shlit”a. Lakewood Mayor, Reb Menashe Miller, a Long Beach alumnus, will chair the event.

There will be Emergency Relief Asifa this Sunday, December 2nd, in Monsey, at the home of Rabbi Naftoli Eisgrau, 19 Overhill Road at 6 pm, with the participation of Rav Avrohom Cooper, shli”ta.

There will be Emergency Relief Event This Wednesday night, December 5th, at the home of Rabbi Boruch Brull, 3706 Clarks Lane – 8:15 maariv, program to follow, with the participation of the Mashgiach, Rav Yeruchom Pitter, shli”ta.

Please come and show your support for the Long Beach Yeshiva community in this difficult time.

To contribute online, please go to www.mlbstormrelief.org.

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  1. it really saddens me to read & see thousands of pictures of jewish communities & yeshivas completely destroyed by sandy. it brings tears as i see what happened to our own brothers & i really hope everyone will take Hashems wake-up call for teshuva ASAP so nothing else happens C”V

    how bad does a situation need to get for a person to start doing teshuva? has it not gotten bad enough with all the past tragedies striking klal yisroel?

    if we don’t do teshuva C”V things are just going to go from catastrophic to horrific & destruction C”V

    LETS HELP OUR BROTHERS OUT NOW BY sending them whatever we can. from checks to clothing & food etc…

  2. Too bad all those idiots waisted their money buying stupid lottery tickets! They could’ve supported a wonderful mossad like this Mesivta instead.


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