Englewood Community Mourns 21-Year-Old Asher Strobel


candle-small4Shivah began today for Asher Strobel of Englewood, who was killed Thursday during a ski trip. Strobel, 21, was a Frisch High School graduate who was attending the Binghamton University School of Management.

Kevurah took place on Sunday at the Bet Shemesh Eretz Hachayim bais hakevaros in Eretz Yisroel.

Asher’s parents, Dr. Ronald Strobel, a cardiologist, and his wife, Diane, are sitting shivah at their home until Thursday.

Yehi zichro boruch.

{Cliffview Pilot/Matzav.com}


  1. He was not killed. He told his freinds that he wasn’t feeling well and he wanted to rest. When they came back shortly after, they found him …BDE.

  2. When a tragedy of this magnitude hits klal yisroel there’s always three things that must be addressed. The first to be ‘mishtatef ‘in the pain of another yid – one cannot imagine what this family is going through. And second to strengthen our ‘emunah’ in H-shem and realize that after all is said, it only happened because that was the rotzoin of Hashem and that everything Hashem does is for the good. And thirdly one has to be very careful not to speak negative or badly about Hashem that how could he to this or even to say every day another tragedy or what’s next, as if to imply that all is bad and all is wrong c”v. WHEN A PERSON IS A TRUE PERSON OF FAITH & TRUST IN HASHEM. HE GETS TO BE THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. This is a nisayon for the parents in bitachon & emunah in hashem (just like aharon hakohen when his children died he was quiet & had faith in Hashem…). If its not possible for a person to pass a test from Hashem he is not given the test. Its a time like this that one has to remind oneself of all the ‘hatovah’ and all the chesed that H-shem does for all of us ALL the time.

    Every person has a job to fulfill in this world. now the child has done his job & is ready to go to the olam ha’emes (true world)& you two special people (parents) were the chosen agents of Hashem to take care of this child. May hashem reward you for this.& may his neshama have an aliyah & your lives be filled with only Simcha.


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