Erdogan Accuses Israel Of Genocide

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erdoganIn a fiery speech, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of committing “genocide” and waging “terrorism” against the Palestinian people as protesters attacked the Israeli embassy and consulate in Ankara and Istanbul, forcing Israel to scale down its embassy staff.

“[Israel] has never pretended to be pro-peace. It has always tormented [the Palestinian people] and today it is continuing to do so,” Erdogan said Friday, referring to the recent deaths of four Palestinian children who were reportedly killed on a Gaza beach, Hurriyet Daily News reported.

Erdogan also dismissed the possibility of working with Israel in the future.

“Israel threatens world peace. Israel threatens peace in the Middle East. Therefore, I personally can never contemplate anything positive with Israel as long as I remain on duty,” he said.

Pro-Palestinian protestors, including members of Erdogan’s AKP party, chanted “Murderer Israel, get out of Palestine” and “Strike, strike Hamas; strike against Israel” outside of the Israeli consulate in Istanbul. Later, the protesters smashed the consulate’s windows with stones and attempted to enter the building before police forced them to disperse.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said the attacks were a “blatant breach of diplomatic regulations,” and announced it was scaling back its delegation to Turkey.




  1. Let this Hitler look alike, invite those poor Palestinians/Hamas come flood his beloved Country of Turkey. What an Evil human!

  2. a rabid anti semite .. nobody needs him or his gov cronies. why doesn’t he come fight with Hamas if he feels for those murderers terrorists so much…..

  3. This guy is a schunk of his own hate. Let him become a monster without a hat. This world has enough pain to deal with than to hear Erdogan claim that his own father was a mamzer too. And if we want Erdogan to be our friend, lets just visit his graveyard plot someday.

    Baruch Hashem.

    Goodbye Hate.

    Never Again.

  4. Let him condemn 295 deaths by Russian missel to Malaysian Airliner! Oh no, he can’t do that, he is working for Russia…..

  5. I was just about to say he looks like hitler when i see it was said already! true true!! Feh! zul er paygeren!!

  6. “genocide”? What about his countrymen’s genocide of the Armenians? Oh, that doesn’t count – because he’s denying it.
    What about the genocide in Syria? That doesn’t count either – since it’s not the Jews doing the killing!

  7. It’s scary!
    Turkey is a neighbor and both the Israelis and the Turkeys would benefit from a good relationship. Comments #1 & #4 are both right on the money! Well put!
    (#2 & #3 aren’t bad!)
    Too bad we can’t make use of Turkish Air. Good airline, great prices and pretty good to its Jewish passengers. Able to take 2 pieces of luggage also! But that’s a thing of the past, I’m afraid!


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