Eric Trump: Gillibrand Visited Trump’s Office ‘Every Three Days, Asking For Money’


President Trump’s son Eric Trump on Wednesday dismissed calls by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand  for his father to step down from office, waving her off as a “distraction” from policy priorities.

“I remember Kirsten Gillibrand when she came into his office every three days to ask him for money and ask for major campaign contributions,” Eric Trump told WABC radio’s Rita Cosby. “There is no one who wanted to get into his office more than Kirsten Gillibrand.”

“It’s amazing how convenient it is that he’s doing incredibly well there – a minute away from finalizing, maybe the most historic tax cut to our nation and here she is,” he added. “She follows the whole Schumer playbook. Again, it’s a shame, but it’s a distraction. I think we’ve gotten pretty good at tuning out distractions.”

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  1. The Democratic Party, sore snowflake losers, and the lame stream media have been a distraction since the election. I’m glad we have a tenacious President who is working past the silliness to actually get things accomplished. #MAGA.

  2. Eric has a good point. Kristen knows, Trump “stepping down” is never going to happen. So this is just hyperbole and silliness. She could of easily waited until the tax reform was finished, and THEN made a spectacle of herself. She is acting like a typical woman and SHE should step down.


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