Estimated 30,000 Take Part in Yerushalayim Protest Against Parking Lot Open On Shabbos


chareidimSome 30,000 people gathered on Rechov Bar Illan last night for an atzeres tefillah to protest a decision by the Yerushalayim municipality and Mayor Nir Barkat to open Karta parking lot on Shabbos. Some 150 men gathered near at the Karta parking lot and held a quiet gathering there, saying Tehillim. Later in the evening, about 100 men tried to block Herzl Street in Yerushalayimby placing iron rods taken from the light rail construction site along the road. Police dispatched to the area removed the protestors and reopened to road to traffic.Most of the protestors gathered last night between the Ohaley Yosef and Avinadav Junctions

Israeli reports claim that protestors yelled at television photographers and reporters, spat at them and knocked on the windows of their vehicles.

Pashkavilin calling all frum Yidden to take part in the Bar Ilan protest were hung in Geulah and the surrounding neighborhoods.

A large number of American yeshiva bochurim were present as well.

Hundreds of leaflets were distributed on the streets, pointing a finger at those who supported Mayor Nir Barkat, who is not religious, in the municipal elections.

One bochur, Shloimi, told Ynet, “If we had a charedi mayor, Uri Lupolianski or Meir Porush, this would never had happened.” He said he had come from the Bayit Vegan neighborhood in order to take part in the rally. “It took me nearly an hour to walk here, but it’s important,” he clarified.

The atzeres tefillah received support from Maran Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, Chacham Ovadiah Yosef and others.

{Yair Israel}


  1. To Eli,

    Don’t make me laugh. You call this a kiddush Hashem? Are you blind? This was a total embarrassment. On the contrary, this was a display of very, very, bad behavior. This was a chillul Hashem. What were the organizers thinking? They knew full well what would happen. Do they think that the protestors were going to listen to them? The organizers are to blame for this.

  2. I was at the prayer rally on Bar Illan Friday Night.

    The rally was peaceful, in spite of a handful few bored youths seeking action. Those attention whores did attack a few reporters who stepped too close to the rally, but reporters in Chareidi areas on Shabbat should know better than flaunting their cameras and recording devices at the faces of Shabbat keepers.

    The rally itself numbered at least 40,000 people, though (not all at once; they were organised in small groups, each group holding its own prayers, according to its own melodies, customs etc., and when i was there, many were already leaving, having finished their prayers, while others were just arriving).

    Of those estimated 40,000, maybe only 20 engaged in so-called violence, and even they were relatively tame, compared e.g. with the Na`alin and Bile`in protesters.

    SHAME on the media like Ynet Haaretz etc. for doing selective coverage withe headlines charaidem riot when only a couple of guys rioted

  3. It was a huge kiddush shem shomayim to see 30000 yidden from all stripes and colors united in protest against the chillul hashem and chilul hatorah being brought about – knowingly and purposely by the israeli government. It is a terrible chilul hashem when politicians from a so called “jewish” state directly instruct violation of the torah,and it is being done in Yerusholayim of all places. That is what we should all be protesting, and not to get distracted and bogged down by a few individuals. Let us not forget that in the past the police has sent undercover cops to incite crowds and often it is they who arr the most violent.

  4. I, as well as many other mothers from the neighborhood, brought my children to see the tremendous Kiddush Hashem. It was a splendid display of the devotion of Klal Yisroel to their leaders. There were throngs of people – Yeshivish, Sephardim, Chasidish, Yerushalmi – all davening. The atmosphere was one of seriousness, shabbos and kedusha. It was an experience I will never forget and one that made me feel tremendously grateful to be living in Eretz Yisroel.
    Let no one portray a completely erroneous image.

  5. So an avreich sustaining grave head injuries from a stone thrown is part of a tremendous kiddush hashem. You people are really crazy. This was a wanton demonstration of naked political power by a group who, in a self inflicted wound, lost the last municipal elections. Didn’t those who voted for Barkat or who abstained from voting think what the oucome of backing a secular citizen for Mayor might be?

  6. Eli stated “a so called “jewish” state”. That’s where those claiming it was a Kiddush HaShem are wrong.
    It’s not a “jewish” state as of now. Israel is a secular government at the moment.
    Did the protesters really think anything was going to change?


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