EU Announces €18 Million In Aid Package To Iran


The European Union announced on Thursday the decision to provide a 50 million Euro support package for Iran that will initially include €18 million ($20.8 million) “for projects in support of sustainable economic and social development,” the European Commission statement said.

The package was said to be part of an effort to continue cooperation between Europe and Iran following the execution of the nuclear deal in 2015, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Iran has faced great economic challenges since the announcement of US sanctions, with a large number of companies canceling business deals with the Islamic Republic.


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  1. Same old Europe. Now they will finance terror. Especially since that terror is against Israel.
    Deja vu. That’s the same EU that constantly sticks up for the Palestinians – regardless of what they do to Israel.
    History is repeating itself again,
    Yidden in EU – run while you still can.
    They won’t let you have your own schechita, against brissim, won’t allow your education systems, – what are you waiting for?
    Hashem Yerachem

  2. Decedents of eisav. Spanish Inquisition, crusades, progroms, unfathomable destruction of European Jews in World War Two. These are the decendents. Amalek!


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