EU Eyes Israeli Technologies for Spotting Militants Online


European powers are looking to Israeli-developed technology to develop better means for spotting “lone-wolf” militants based on their online activity, a senior EU security official said this week.

“How do you capture some signs of someone who has no contact with any organization, is just inspired and started expressing some kind of allegiance? I don’t know. It’s a challenge,” EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove said at a intelligence conference in Tel Aviv. “That is why I am here,” he said of his visit to Israel. “We know Israel has developed a lot of capability in cyber.”

An Israeli military official who administers these methods said human intervention is required to set parameters such as age, religiosity, socio-economic background or links to known militants for the population being monitored. With the pool of potential suspects thus narrowed, the system can flag social media messages that may spell an imminent attack.



  1. Sorry, EU, you’re boycotting Israel, so you can’t have the technology. Wait, hypocrisy and double-standards rule with the EU, so I guess you can have it.



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