Event on Har Hazeisim Marks 82nd Yahrtzeit of Chazzan Yossele Rosenblatt z”l


concert 5Things are changing on Har Hazeisim, but not fast enough. Chairman of The International Committee for the Preservation of Har Hazeisim Avraham Lubinsky visited Har Hazeisim on Thursday, June 11th, and witnessed broken graves, rampant vandalism and garbage strewn pathways. Vehicles visiting the site have been seriously damaged with paint bombs and rocks. Even the security vehicles that escort visitors looked like they were from a war zone, he noted.

In stark contrast, Har Hazeisim played host that day to a memorial concert to commemorate the 82nd yahrtzeit of Chazzan Yossele Rosenblatt  z”l. Over 1,000 people attended the event in honor of the chazzan who is buried on Har Hazeizim.

Chazzan Yitzchok Meir Helfgott, Chazzan Dubbele Heller, and the full Yerushalayim Philharmonic Orchestra performed in what was a beautiful evening atop Har Hazeisim and overlooking the Har Habayis.

“This concert is a perfect example of the vast disparity between Har Hazeisim’s potential as a venue to unify versus the terrible security predicament we find ourselves in. I am in Israel to ensure the safety and security of Har Hazeisim, so that visiting the site isn’t a terribly scary experience,” says Lubinsky, who will be joined by other leaders of the ICPHH in Monday meetings with the minister of the new Israeli government.


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