Ex-CIA Engineer Charged With Massive Leak To Wikileaks


A former CIA computer engineer has been indicted on charges he masterminded what appears to be the largest leak of classified information in the spy agency’s history, Politico reports.

Joshua Schulte, 29, was charged in a new grand jury indictment with providing WikiLeaks with a massive trove of U.S. government hacking tools that the online publisher posted in March 2017, the Justice Department announced today. Schulte was previously facing charges in federal court in New York, but the indictment broadens the case to accuse him of illegally gathering classified information, damaging CIA computers, lying to investigators and numerous other offenses.

The Justice Department’s news release announcing Schulte’s indictment does not mention WikiLeaks by name, signaling that it has not been charged in the case.



  1. Charged? He deserves a medal! Why weren’t any leakers against President Trump charged? – and there were loads of them, including Comey.

  2. And when anyone criticizes the almighty CIA as being corrupt or deep state, they are immediately labeled as conspiracy crazies, green men from mars, paranoid schizophrenics, etc… Well, what do you naysayers have to say now?


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