Ex-PM Olmert: “Terrible Mistake” Not Removing Hamas From Gaza In 2009 War


Israel’s Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in an interview with i24NEWS that he was perhaps most regretful for not removing Hamas from the Gaza Strip during the 2009 war under his premiership.

“We didn’t complete the operation by, I think, removing Hamas from Gaza — which by that time was possible,” Olmert said. “I think it was a terrible mistake because of [the] unacceptable position of the then minister of defense and foreign minister,” adding that completing the mission would have created “terrible damage internally in Israel.”

“As a result, Hamas recuperated and they are now stronger than they were before,” Olmert said, adding that he thinks it now “impossible” to remove Hamas from Gaza.

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  1. Actually it shouldnt be so difficult now… More than 80% of them are getting treatments from border clashes. They are already marked.

  2. What was about giving Gush katif away as another piece for peace. Even the dead had to be removed and what did Israel get for that the PA even closer. Another , if, and buts, and we should have etc.etc. Israel never thinks out that no matter what you give away, the only thing the PA want to see is Israel and the Jewish people vanished from the earth. So you can plan all the peace plans you want it will always be Israel as the loser for another piece for peace plan on the way. contracts are if 2 partners are willing if only 1 gives all and the other will think about it, it is lost cause already.


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