Ex-Sen. Joe Lieberman: Negotiations with Iran Heading Toward a Very Bad Agreement

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joe-liebermanNegotiations with Iran are heading toward a very bad agreement, former U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman said in an interview Thursday in Yerushalayim. “The goal was to end the Iranian nuclear program in return for the end of economic sanctions….Now it looks like we’re heading toward the permanent end of economic sanctions and the temporary dialing back of Iran’s nuclear program.”

Lieberman said that this is the best time in history for the Jews: “We are really a fortunate and blessed generation to be alive when the State of Israel has been recreated and re-established in its ancient homeland.” He adds that the Jews are “doubly blessed” because of the unprecedented relationship between Israel and America. “There is strength in Israel and America to resist the challenges that my children and grandchildren will grow up with,” he adds.

Lieberman said that, in light of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s announcement that Israel is ready to reengage in peace talks, President Obama should order construction of America’s new embassy in Yerushalayim. “That would end the unjust anomaly of the U.S. locating our embassy in the city in every other country in the world that the host country designates as its capital, but not doing so in a country that is one of our closest allies and best friends in the world.”

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  1. Why doesn’t Sen. Leiberman negotiate the release of Jonathan Pollard. I recently asked him in shul about Pollard. He smilef and said, “no comment”.


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