Expert Offers Advice To Protect Against Tax Scams


taxesThere are just a few hours left to file taxes on time without filing an extension.

But ahead of tax day on Monday, experts continue to warn about would-be scammers.

“They’ve been stealing billions and billions of dollars of refunds,” founder and chairman Adam Levin told CBS 2′s Cindy Hsu on Sunday morning.

Levin said the tricks haven’t changed in years, with the scammers going after Social Security numbers and filing fake returns to be deposited in bogus bank accounts. And the scary part, said Levin, is that these plots are typically not too sophisticated.

“They steal your mail,” Levin said.

“People give away way too much information involving their Social Security numbers, and have for a long time. We overshare, we are awash in data in this country,” Levin told Hsu. “Everywhere you turn, there’s a point of vulnerability.”

One way to avoid these scammers is by e-filing taxes early to block would-be thieves from beating you to it, said Levin.

Levin also warned against picking suspect tax preparers to help file your taxes. He said often times, these scammers set up shop for just a few days during tax time and prey on unsuspecting taxpayers.

Levin also said taxpayers should keep their guard up against suspicious or too-good-to-be-true emails.

“If you get an email from the IRS…run,” Levin said. “The IRS doesn’t send email.”

Levin noted that Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and the White House are looking into ways to combat these tax time scams, including using a different identifying number other than a Social Security number on tax forms.

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