FAKE NEWSPAPER: NY Daily News Releases Its Latest Embarrassing Anti-Trump Cover



  1. What garbage to even attempt to claim that until trump this country has been living with the values under which it was founded what values? The right of the liberals to ram all of their immorality and and socialism down our throats? The right to redistribute wealth from those who have worked for it to those who think they are entitled to it? They are a bunch of hypocritical elitists who claim to be smarter than everyone else and therefore should be able to rule the land whether they get elected or not

  2. Boy is Trump right for calling the media “The Enemy of the People.” He couldn’t have described them better.

  3. Why are you covering up the new law NJ Governor Murphy passed into law yesterday regarding transgender identity on documents such as drivers license, birth certificates, death certificates, etc… How do I feel like today? Hmmm, a male or a female? Everything is now legal in NJ.

  4. There ought be a law outlawing such disgrace of the duly elected highest official in the world. This is over and beyond just as going after his family should be. They did stuff to the Bush twins – it was outrageous just the same!

  5. Trump is trying to restore the bedrock values of this nation that have been trampled upon for decades by the lefty socialists. The problem is that, for all his good intentions, he IS a clown.

  6. Our community owes President Trump tremendous gratitude. The leftists are out too destroy all morality. Boruch Hashem, we have been blessed with a very brave president


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