Fake: Story About Frum Yid Helping Donald Trump with Flat Tire an Urban Legend

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It is a story that makes the rounds via email and WhatsApp: A stranger – in some versions a frum or chassidishe Yid – who stopped to change a tire on a disabled limo was rewarded for his efforts when the vehicle’s passenger, Donald Trump, paid off his mortgage or bought the man’s wife flowers for Shabbos.

Snopes and About.com both say that the story is false.

This story has appeared in various forms on the internet since 1996.

One such version is as follows:

“A man I work with claims his father was driving down the I-75 freeway here in Michigan a few years ago and saw a stranded limousine on the side of the road. The father thinks that the limousine may be in need of assistance and he pulls to the side of the road and walks up to the drivers side window of the limousine, offering his cellular phone if needed. The driver gratefully accepts the phone and indicates the car’s own phone was not working correctly.

“After calling for assistance the driver asks if the guy wants to meet the famous people inside the limousine. Of course he does, and is promptly introduced to Donald Trump and his wife, Ivana. Mr. Trump extends his appreciation for the timely assistance and inquires if there is anything that he and his wife can do for the man. After a moment of thought he tells the Trumps that the best thing they could do would be to send his wife flowers. He said his wife would be just thrilled to get flowers from the famous Trumps. Mr. Trump indicates they would do just that and, after the limousine was serviced, drive happily away.

“A few months go by, and one morning the man and his wife are eating breakfast at home when their doorbell rings. The wife answers the door to find a gigantic flower arrangement delivery. After getting the arrangement in the door, both read the attached card. The card reads:

“Thank you very much for the help. We have paid off your mortgage.”

Another version:

“This may well be the public relations gesture of the year. During the 1995 holidays, Donald Trump and Marla Maples find themselves marooned in their stretch limo with a flat tire on a busy stretch of New Jersey highway. Finally, a passing motorist spots the limo in distress and offers to help the chauffeur change the tire. Driver says, sure. Before the re-tired limo rolls off, the darkened window rolls down and an effusive Trump asks what he and his wife can do to repay the favor. Just send my wife a big bouquet of flowers, says the guy, handing Trump a card with his wife’s name and their address. Two weeks later a gargantuan bouquet of orchids arrives with a card reading, ‘We paid off your home mortgage, Marla and Donald.’ The Trumps flackery won’t reveal the lucky chap’s name, but Informer hears Trump forked over more than $100,000 for the gesture.”

Yet another version has a frum Yid stopping to change a tire on Trump’s disabled limo. Trump asks the man if he knows who he is and the Yid says that he does not. Trump says that he wishes to reward the man, who responds that he was simply performing a chesed and desired no compensation or remuneration. However, he tells Trump that he can send his wife flowers for Shabbos. The story concludes with the man being rewarded for his efforts when a gigantic flower arrangement is delivered to his home that Friday.

As Snopes and About.com report, this apparently never happened. This continues to be a widely-disseminated urban legend.

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    • Look into the charity Trump has done. He takes after his father, from whom he learned this benevolence. You’ll also deny that his father, when Donald was 20 years old, gave a Yeshiva a lot of land upon which to build their intended Yeshiva building. Look into how Trump reacted in 2005 when the Jews of Gaza were thrown out of their homes, businesses and lands! Don’t just go by what YOU might do; Go by what the facts point to. But – you got to do homework before that.

    • Hello Lucky Guy. I wish we could get your story to viral. I will assume that you voted for Trump in 2016 and more importantly, will vote for him in 2020.
      I first heard your story on you tube when his limo driver told it. What a great story!!! What these Socialist Democrats don’t understand because they take the liberal media’s word as the gospel. They do no fact checking. They manage to present a fact checker for every public speech he gives. The hypocrisy is the never fact check anyone from their own party or on the left. Every time Comrad Schiff opens his mouth, lies spew like lava out of a toxic valcano. Toxic is exactly what the Democrats have become.The party of peace and love from the 60’s has become the party of violence and hate of today.
      I think most Democrats are clueless about the great things President Trump has done in three years. Think about if the oppostion Democrats loved America more than they hate Trump.
      Where would we be then?
      It took me a bit of time yo understand why the Democrsts ha e such hatred for the phrase, ” make America great again.” Then I realized it is difficult to take down a country and over through a government if they are doing great. The are attempting to do this by destroying the Constitution. Make no mistake the agenda of the left is to take down America. If you are a Democrat there is no way you would know this because they are not exactly screaming it from the roof top at brainwash CNN.
      If anyone votes for a Democrat in November 2020, they are voting to take down the country.

      Wake up people, the Democrats with
      the liberal media are trying to take down the country!!!
      The ExDemocrat

  1. I heard this story from a rov 20 years ago and have retold it many times I sm in shock! Who knew the Donald was planning to run for president? If I can be fooled then the gantza velt can be.

  2. This story is absolutely false. The true story is the one about Trump flying a kid to a hospital. But this never happened. Everyone knows it never happened. It is so proposterous

  3. How can a total stranger pay off another total strangers mortgage without the bank informing the home owner? If I want to transfer a single dollar between accounts, I have to jump through hoops. And this was allegedly more than 20 years ago when you couldn’t just do things online. You had to go into a bank and speak to a manager. How would a stranger know your account number. What about security concerns? What about the tax ramifications? There are penalties for paying your mortgage early.
    But the gullible will believe anything. Good luck with this years pre Pesach price gouging.

    • He was asked twice on video. Once in 2005 on the Apprentice and once in 2016 when meeting a group of frum askonim. And both times he confirmed it is a true story. Both videos are online.

  4. The Donald wiuld never do something that wouldn’t gain him fame and noteriety. Now we all know how true that is!
    End of story!

    • Anonymous, You are practicing the Democrats favorite trick, projection. The queen of projection, Hillary Clinton, would be proud of you.

  5. Next up: The Jewish urban legend about the frum guy thrown off a doomed plane on 9/11 because he’d forgotten his tefillin. Nice story, but it never happened.
    I wonder why people feel the need to make up such “inspiring” but untrue stories when there are so many chizuk-giving stories that really did happen.

  6. It is true . I’m the guy who’s mortgage was paid.
    I also couldn’t believe how he did it but. He had the address and thru his bank was able to do it. It wasn’t done as a payoff but rather 100,000 towards principle which basically paid it off . I closed it the following week

    • Please provide proof. An anonymous poster can easily be a sixteen year old jokester. If this is a true story but you wish to retain your anonymity, I’m sure you can find someone trustworthy (your rov, etc) who you can show your documentation to and he will publicly verify it without revealing your identity. A story like this, if true, can sway voters.

  7. I’m not looking to sway voters. In fact I’m voting for Cruz. If trump becomes the nominee (which for now seems very possible) then I will vote for him because no matter what you (and I) think about him he still is far better then Hillary or Bernie.
    Why would u think that the story is a reason for Jews (or anyone) yo vote for him? Do you think he did it because he wad thinking that years later he will run for office and needs the Jewish vote? There is much more things he would and can do if he is looking for the Jewish vote.
    Probably the reason he made such gesture is simply to show off. I just happened to be the one that hashem wanted to help in getting my mortgage paid off.
    BTW other then at the time of the incident I never even saw Donald. He wasn’t the one that delivered the flowers (obviously) and I wasn’t even home at the time. It was babysitter and she had and has no idea about the whole thing . It was simply a flower delivery with a closed envelope for us. Besides my wife and I no one knows about it .
    Just because hashem decided to have my mortgage paid thru trump that’s not a reason to vote for him.
    I also don’t want my rov to know about it because once word gets out even without my name there will be a bunch of yentas talking about it and who needs that.

    • Your choice. I can understand someone who this happened to wanting to stay incognito, but a consequence is that the only proof it really occurred is an anonymous poster saying it did. There’s no way of knowing if you’re “for real” or a prankster.
      Please be aware that unless you took care to post from an untraceable IP address, you have left a trail which can be traced.

  8. Hi. I’m Turx and I personally spoke to Trump’s sons Don Jr. and Eric after the last debate in Houston. They both confirm the story to be true and you can read about the exchange in my upcoming column in Ami Magazine. I’m not saying the story is true; I am saying that Trump’s sons both claim it is.

  9. you only hear it from people who are drunk on donald trump and believe trump is the answer thats the truth! its all a big fat lie!

  10. Hi. I heard this story in 1993. I had no reason to disbelieve it then. Just like everyone else who’s searching to know whether or not it’s true, etc, I’ll say this much. I heard it very close to how it has been retold on the Internet. At the time I heard it, the person telling me the story, as far as I knew at the time, knew the tire changer. A couple of details were different. Specifically, Trump was to send flowers to the wife for her birthday. That was at the request of the tire changer. From what I recall Trump asked the guy if there was something he could do for him. He said his wife’s birthday was coming up, and she’d get a kick out of it if he sent flowers. The birthday came and went, no flowers. Several weeks later the deed arrived for their home. Previous poster mentioned how that could be possible. It’s not to hard to do when someone gives you their mailing address. Mortgages are a matter of public record at the county, etc. I mean no harm I’m just trying to say that I can personally say that I heard this story.

  11. It did happen. There was a story in the Bergen Record in NJ back in the late 80s,early 90s that I vividly recall reading when I was about 14 or 15. At that time there was no “real” internet to spread urban legends. This was a true story. I am still searching for the article. It happened on the NJ Turnpike.

  12. You say:
    “This continues to be a widely-disseminated urban legend.”
    Based on 2 sources that you deem worthy. (I’ve read others.)
    Have you nothing better to do than regurgitate what you read somewhere?
    Want to build readership – is that your exploitative motive?

  13. The story is 100% true and has been a well known story for over 20 years, long before he ever ran for president.

    Snopes is liberal biased garbage that isn’t reliable whatsoever.

  14. It is interesting to me that a story like this can be so hotly contested. This is the main problem with the media, even a simple story can’t be verified, yet in much weightier news, this is also a problem. The media is quite unreliable, and mostly opinions. Opinions are relied upon as factual, but no one’s opinion should hold that much weight, no matter who it is. Even when an expert gives us their opinion, there is another expert that would disagree with them. We are mostly just going with our sense of logic or our feelings, but we are not the ones who are doing the investigations, or the ones who were there to see whatever the event was. Ask yourself, how can someone like Trump have two, almost opposite views of him, be out there, and both be true? Both cannot be true, so how is it that so many people posting their views be so convinced that they have the absolute truth? For me at least, this logic rings true, and so I don’t need to say which one I believe because it is an opinion.


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