Family Becomes Religious After Public Tragedy



Ten years ago, the S family of Jerusalem made national headlines. The father of the family, and his baby son, both passed away unexpectedly They left behind a grieving mother, and her 5 remaining children. The tragedy affected the family deeply, as they struggled to find meaning in their suffering. Before long, they began to observe Torah mitzvot. Today, they are a fully frum family.

In the decade that has passed since their trauma, Mrs. S has struggled to single-handedly keep her family afloat.. The large family has lived on very little money. This modest standard has been enough to sustain them, until her son Yossi’s recent engagement.  At the time of their loss, Yossi had been only a young boy. In the time that has passed, he has learned in yeshiva, and now dons a black velvet yarmulke & suit. On the street one would not be able to differentiate him from any other yeshiva bachur. However after a lifetime of grief, trauma, and poverty, he is severely lacking funds for his wedding and future home.

Yossi has started a moving fundraising campaign for himself & his kallah. One cannot help but be moved by the text within:

“Now, I have met the kallah of my dreams … She also lost a parent. She also comes from a poor family that has struggled with grief. Together, we hope to build a home, and a family of our own.

However, our parents are not able to help us. We will be married in less than a month.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Somehow, Hashem will help us pay for our wedding, and our future. Perhaps, dear reader, you will be His messenger.

In the meantime, we are praying for a miracle.”

Whether Yossi & his kallah will see a miracle has yet to be determined. Donations are being accepted HERE for a limited time.




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