Family of 8 Faces Looming Homelessness

Mr. and Mrs. A of Telzstone, like most couples, worked hard at their jobs to support their 7 children. That became impossible, however, when Mrs. A was diagnosed with cancer. Her case was severe, and she was gone before the shock of the diagnosis had set in.
It has only been weeks since her passing, but the damage is clear. She left behind a large family, and a husband who was now forced to quit his job in order to take care of the children. Their financial situation has declined severely: There is little food in their fridge, no new clothes for the school year.
Unable to pay their mortgage, the family is now likely to become homeless any day now.
12-year-old Motty’s bar mitzvah is quickly approaching, as are the holidays. It is unclear whether there will be food to eat on their table this Rosh Hashana, or a home to eat it in.
A fundraising page opened in the family’s name shows emotional video footage. The children’s faces are angelic, yet painted with a sadness beyond their years. With the threat of homelessness and hunger over their young heads, they have had little opportunity to grieve.
Simply put, they are praying for a miracle.


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