Fast-Food Workers Strike in 200 Cities



A Tax Day strike by fast-food workers in more than 200 American cities is expected to be the largest of its kind. The employees demand a $15 per hour living wage for the workforce, more than half of whom rely on public assistance to supplement their incomes.

In Brooklyn, members of the SEIU-funded Fight to $15 campaign blocked traffic near the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday morning, and organizers say they hope the event will grow to draw in other underpaid sectors of the population-including adjunct professors and child-care workers.

Some fast-food chains, like McDonalds, recently implemented small raises for some of their staff-but organizers say that’s not enough.

“This is much more of an economic and racial justice movement than the fast-food workers strikes of the past two years,” said Fight for $15 Director Kendall Wells. Read more at USA Today.



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