Father of 8 with ALS: You Can Help


david-fridBy Rochel Frid

In the year 2011 my husband, David Frid, was diagnosed with ALS, which causes complete deterioration of the muscles in the body. In the beginning, he heroically fought to function on his own, even after he was confined to a wheelchair.

At present, the disease has progressed to the point where he is now fully paralyzed, on a breathing machine and can only communicate using advanced computer technology. He needs 24-hour surveillance to survive. After many sleepless nights and on the verge of collapse ourselves, we were forced to hire an additional caregiver for the night shift. Beyond this, there are other endless expenses involved. These costs, far beyond our means and not covered by insurance, have put us into debt.

That is why we are turning to caring people like the readers of MATZAV.COM for financial help to keep our father alive.

To make a donation, please click HERE for more info.

Thank you.

Rochel Frid

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  1. Refuah sheleima…My classmate and friend suffering from the same disease..Heartbreaking to observe…May a cure be found shortly with Hashem’s help.

  2. I know what you’re going through. My father a”h was nifter from ALS. It’s an awful disease. My heart goes out to you and your family. Refuah shelaima.

  3. R’ Dovid is an outstanding talmid chacham. respected member of the Telz-Stone community, and long-time talmid of Rav Sheinberg zt”l. May Hashem give him and his family the strength to face this so difficult challenge.


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