FBI: ‘Attempt’ to Wipe Hillary’s Email Server


hillary clintonNBC News reports two U.S. government officials who say an “attempt” was made to wipe the hard drive of Hillary Clinton’s email server, or in other words, remove all data on it. NBC News quotes an FBI official as being optimistic that data can be recovered.

Clinton’s campaign told Politifact “work-related emails were deleted after she turned them over to the State Department” last December, which means before she handed the server over to the FBI last month. The exact date is unknown.

The Associated Press reported earlier Tuesday that investigators may be able to discern how secure her email system was, whether its files had been backed up, and if anyone else had accounts on the system. Read more at NBC News.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com}


  1. This is an outrage. Any other American, would have had their house raided by the FBI by now! Why is Hillary above the law? Why is the FBI treating her with kid gloves? As we all know, if this was a Republican, he would be in a jumpsuit sitting in a Federal prison awaiting trial. It is very troubling to know that the FBI is playing politics. I thought they were supposed to be independent.


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